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Educational & Financial Assistance

All beneficiaries have been screened to assure your contributions to educational and financial assistance will be given to deserving families. Thank you for your time, efforts, and understanding.

Mission Statement

Please review our mission statement to get a better idea of what our organization stands for, along with our overall mission and goals. Feel free to contact one of our associates with any questions you have.

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Locally Serving Clients throughout Carlsbad & San Diego, California

Mission Statement

Leave It To Angels is an organization dedicated to providing financial aid through donations for Mid-life Single Mothers devastated financially due to legal expenses from Divorce, Fraud, Illness, or Injury. Empowering women to provide for their families, and to be able to stay in their homes.
You can’t take it with you… why not “Leave it to Angels”


Leave it to angels helps deserving single mid-life mothers. Mothers that have NOT had addictions and have contributed in their communities as tax payers and volunteers. These mothers now need your help financially.  It is a real hardship for women in their mid-life to go through divorce. A lot of times they are replaced for younger women by their husbands, and in their workplace. These women now face financial ruin, and left wondering how they will support themselves and their children.

I Melanie Garrett started this organization because I know firsthand how devastating it is starting over. As a single mother and victim of fraud, I have experienced depression and health issues.

“Pay it Forward” is the motto I live by! I will provide for my children and Empower other mothers to do the same with the help of your generous donations. Now is the time to make a difference in a struggling mother’s life, providing financial assistance for a future for her and her children.

*(All beneficiaries have been screened to assure your contribution will be given to deserving families.)
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Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization serving single mid-life mothers of San Diego County. Providing financial aid and educational resources for a hopeful future to deserving single mothers and their families.

Contact us in Carlsbad, California, to learn how you can make a difference in a midlife single moms life through our nonprofit organization.